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Elwood Prison Wine

- Local fruits and berries from Upstate SC

- Supporting Underserved Youth

Who We Are

Elwood Wine aims to be more than just a winery. This product exists primarily to draw attention to inequity in the judicial system, and to give back to programs that help fill the void left by incarcerated parents. Giving you a high quality wine that exceeds your expectations is also high on the priority list! 


We are committed to:

  • Using whole fruit and berries, not juices. 
  •  Sourcing our ingredients from local farmers. 
  •  Supporting underserved youth
Here at Elwood Wine, we challenge you to bring something different to the table. Check our story. Hopefully, you’ll find that this wine with a controversial name, tastes better than that wine with the name you can’t pronounce!

~ Justin

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